Advanced Email Analytics To Maximize Performance

Get in-depth reporting on valuable email metrics within seconds. Gather actionable insights so every message you send can perform better than the last

Monitor Engagement & Trends

With DooxMail’s analytics, you can quickly review your email’s performance. Keep an eye on your stats with metrics like unique opens, clicks, and delivery rates. Then go a little deeper. See which devices your customers use to interact with your emails and identify if there’s a relationship between device type and engagement. We’ll also show you your opens by country so you can figure out the best way to interact with users all over the world.


Track Email Performance by Mailbox Provider

Find out how Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other mailbox providers handle your messages. We’ll show you which email inbox providers are bringing you the most opens and clicks and which ones aren’t delivering your messages so you can improve performance on your next send.


Explore Why Your Emails Aren’t Being Delivered

Gain insights into your delivery metrics with event-level reporting on why your message was unable to reach inboxes. We’ll show you exactly which emails were dropped and why. And we’ll explain if we suppressed an email automatically to protect your sender score and reputation. Get full visibility into bounces, unsubscribes, complaints, and suppressions so it’s easy to diagnose what’s impacting your deliverability.


Discover The Best Time to Send Emails

Pinpoint the optimal time to engage with your users. Theories abound on this topic, but the truth is it all comes down to who you are, what you’re sending, and who you’re sending to. By grouping the last month of your data by hour, we’ll help you see what’s worked best for your emails. Optimize your send time based on when your messages tend to get the most opens and clicks.


Compare One Tag to Another

Tags let you set up powerful segmentation for your emails. Create A/B tests, send targeted emails based on specific conditions, or do a complex cohort analysis. Track your tags and draw comparisons to zero in on the factors that have the biggest impact on your email performance.


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