Email Validation

With email validation, you won’t waste your budget on email addresses that don’t exist.

Integrate validation into your web forms

Programmatically catch user-entry errors in your sign-up flow with our API.

Improve your sender reputation

Reduce your bounce rate by removing temporary and disposable emails from your send.

Validate Your Emails to Increase Delivery Rates

Prevent typos and eliminate hard bounces. Get comprehensive email verification and a three-step validation check for each email address on your list.

Validation Based on Billions of Sent Emails

RFC states the formal rules for email addresses. However, in the real world ESPs accept addresses that are not RFC-valid, and reject addresses that are.

When we built our validator, we did so based on real-world data + RFC spec to ensure more accurate validation.


Avoid High Risk Addresses

Our email validation API is your first line of defense against high-risk recipients. When validating an email address, we check for role-based addresses or disposable email domains.


“Did you mean”

People make typos all the time. can easily become and when it does, you can miss out on connecting with that customer. That’s why we built in a suggestion service into our email validation service. When we have a suggestion for a common typos, we’ll return it along with invalid status, so you can offer the suggestion to your user.


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